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Central America has been characterized for being the cradle of the Mayan civilization, being most of these countries where ancient civilization manufactured, used and built amazing worlds full of sanctuaries, towns, tombs and stone pyramids where they demonstrated the great intelligence and ability they had when using architecture as the main means of their civilization, as well as their precise calculations to be able to harvest or plant seed crops, fruits and vegetables, since they thought that everything had to be precise when it came to something as sacred as food.

One of the most important cities, beautiful and considered by many for its beauty and architecture as the Paris of the Mayan world is Copan, are ruins located within the municipality of Copan, Honduras, this being a sacred place, amazing, quiet and beautiful for many people, this place is completely surrounded by beautiful nature and an incredible variety of wildlife where you can enjoy a beautiful experience when visiting this place.

What Copán offers to its tourists.

Copán being a small municipality of Honduras has a variety of adventures for you to do with family or friends, as they are activities that you will not want to do alone, such as hiking, tours around the place, visits to museums and many things it has to offer.
Some of the activities and sites most visited by local, national and international tourists are:

Copán Ruins.

Being this park the most attractive of the place, is one of the most studied sites about the Mayan culture of the country, for being a place full of pyramids, hieroglyphs, tombs and museums where they tell the history of the place, there are small sculptures called stelae inside the place, where they have carved stories where the main protagonists were the leaders or rulers who had had this civilization in Copán.
Inside the Copan Ruins you can find several areas where they were used for the realization of games /duels of this ancient civilization and where most highlights the area of the famous sport they practiced which was the ball game, whose objective was to introduce the ball into hoops that were in the playing area, using only the limbs of the body without it touching the ground.

The meaning of this ancestral game was the commemoration of the myth of creation, whose game came to represent the struggle between the opposing forces in the universe such as day and night, light and darkness, this archaeological site has the largest playing field in Central America and is one of the main tourist attractions that you will find in the place.

Inside this place you will be able to witness incredible works with a beautiful architecture, within the areas with more architecture are: the Reserved Zone of the Nobles, the Acropolis of Copan, the Museum of Mayan Sculpture and the Stairway of Hieroglyphics, inside you will find many more things like areas full of nature, tunnels and scale replicas of more works. So don’t think twice and go visit this magical place.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve.

It is a park full of nature that is dedicated to the shelter and protection of exotic birds such as macaws and toucans, providing one of the most incredible adventures in Copan, live an experience surrounded by macaws where you can live with them in a completely natural habitat surrounded by a beautiful climate and breathtaking views.
It is also a natural reserve where you can explore some places allowed by the park and take even more memories of this small but incredible place full of birds. As a bonus, this park cares for the life and safety of the birds, so much so that it is responsible for rescuing and releasing exotic birds that are in homes being domesticated, so they can have a better life in their natural habitat and making this place one of the best options to visit in Copán.

Luna Jaguar Hot Spring.

It is a natural center where to provide services such as spa, yoga, hot springs and many more things for the physical and mental well-being of people who visit them every day, certainly a place that has taken advantage of the natural resources of the place, offering a clean and pleasant service to enjoy a relaxing time with your family, friends or acquaintances that certainly spend an excellent time within the incredible facilities of the place.
These are some of the places that are frequently visited by the tourists of the place offering them unique and unforgettable experiences surrounded by natural resources and showing in a safe way the nature, but there are many more tourist attractions, as well as restaurants, hotels and tours that there are.

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